Corporate Videos

Corporate and Promotional Videos

The success of video has become evident in the latest years. Thanks to the wide adoption of smartphones as the main device for entertainment, along with increased navigation speed, video has become one of the formats most consumed by users.

By 2018, video will take up 79% of consumer internet traffic ( source ).

Did you know that any company can benefit from corporate videos?

Some of the types of videos we produce:
  • Corporate videos.
  • Product Trailers.
  • Business Videos.
  • News and news with subtitles.
  • Videos for startups.
  • Videos optimized for Facebook.
  • Videos for Instagram.
  • Presentation videos for projects.
  • Explainer video (animated video).
  • Strategies to maximize dissemination.

Hashtagamer Trailer

Client: Hashtagamer
Channel: Facebook / Website
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Localixo App Promo

Client: Localixo Travel Assistant
Channel: Website / Play Store
Aspect ratio: 16:9 Social Network Promo

Channel: Facebook / Instagram
Aspect ratio: 1:1

Turistpro Explainer Video

Client: TuristPro
Channel: Facebook / Website / Expo
Aspect ratio: 16:9 New Website Presentation

Channel: Live presentation / Facebook
Aspect ratio: 16:9