These are two of the magazine ads ran during the promotional launch period. Left is pre-launch, to promote the website. On the right, it's the first of a series of ongoing adverts to promote highlighted features of the new website.'s homepage includes an easy-to-search map and list of categories that aid the user in finding quickly what they're looking for.

Custom category-specific filters were created. As well as "Featured ads" that will appear highlighted on the lists

Users can use wallets to speed-up payments inside the account

Facebook login is possible

Classifieds E-commerce Website for Magazine

We developed this local classifieds website to create a faster, more attractive and responsive experience for the users in the Canary Islands. It was designed from its inception to be SEO-ready, as well as easily maintainable and robust. We worked hard to create an administration backend that was easy-to-use and secure

For the relaunch, we took advantage of their current social media channels and the existing classifieds magazine to promote the new website launch.

The launch event was a success, generating buzz and coverage across traditional media, newsletters, and social media.



March 2015